Our goal is to generate fresh thinking on global concerns through the power of interdisciplinary theological inquiry. We pursue this aim through resident seminars on our research agenda. Here, we think together on our research questions, informed by the seminar members' work in residence at Luce Hall.

The Center of Theological Inquiry is designed to be the environment most conducive to fostering fresh thinking on a host of problems facing religion and society.
— James I. McCord, founder

Members of our Resident Seminars work in an ideal environment for collaborative research. They enjoy adjacent offices for working daily at the Center, regular conversations on work in residence, rent-free furnished housing, and access to world-class research libraries in Princeton. They cover all other costs, including living expenses, utilities, and travel. The Fall Seminar runs from mid-August to mid-December; the Spring Seminar from mid-January to mid-May. Applicants may apply for one 16-week semester in residence at Luce Hall in either the Fall or Spring of the academic year.