Resident Seminar on Islam and Migration


In February 2018 CTI held a seminar on Islam and migration, with presentations by legal scholars Anver Emon (University of Toronto, Canada) and Urfan Khaliq (Cardiff University, UK), as well as by Luis Lopez Farjeat (Universidad Panamericana, México), a specialist on medieval Islamic philosophy. The expertise of these leading scholars in Islamic jurisprudence and philosophy, and in international law, enriched the work being undertaken by the members of CTI's resident seminar on religion and migration. 


ALBERT RABOTEAU SEMINAR on black migration


Acclaimed scholar of religion Albert Raboteau visited CTI in January 2018 to discuss his research on immigration and religion with members of CTI’s resident seminar. The discussion centered on the history of the Great Migration of African-Americans from the South to the North in the twentieth century. Prof. Raboteau provided an invaluable contribution to the ongoing research at CTI on religion and migration.